A Faletti Poetic Contribution

Today, my nephew Andrew Faletti, serves as the Literary Agent for his brother Stephen.  In honor of National Poetry Month, Andy offers a poem Steve wrote one January afternoon in 1973, when Steve was a Freshman at Santa Clara University and Andy was in the 9th grade in Antioch, California. Take a look. 

Andy writes: “The author (my brother Stephen Faletti) … decades ago submitted to me, as his “official” “agent,” some of his writings to be potentially published.  I offered pieces to various poetry magazines and journals — surely hoping that my 15% of any awards would cover the postage and envelopes.  ALAS: The poem is no less excellent for my failure to find a publisher.”
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Happiness Is Spring — By Stephen Faletti, written one afternoon in January

I strolled along the lively lane

the sun low in the sky;                               

Somehow I felt a hint of spring,               

I’m sure I don’t know why.

It may have been the cool crisp air          

Which carried to my ear                            

the ringing laughter of the kids      

Who leapt from houses near;

Or maybe all the birds that chirped

And soared from tree to tree,

Or just the buzzing hum and sound

Of life’s activity.

Then suddenly I chanced to see,

A bit off to the right,

A bushy-tailed small gray squirrel;

It’s fur was shining bright.

I watched it as it skipped around;

It seemed to dance with glee.

And all its wondrous happiness

Became a part of me!

I finally decided to 

Continue on my way;

As soon as I began to move

It scampered far away.

That little squirrel of fur so bright

Had made me glad to be;

It may have been the month of snow

But it was spring for me!

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2 Responses “A Faletti Poetic Contribution”

  1. Matt Sable says:

    I loved this poem, thank you Steve and Andy!

  2. John Olenchalk says:

    My regards to the Faletti’s- played LL for Kelly Martin with Steven.